Air Cushion System

Void Fill

Top Fill



  1. Reliable : - Excellent film quality from the company's own production facilities.

  2. Economical : - Reduced raw materials due to multi-layered co-extrusion. Low Maintanance.

  3. Durable : - Outstanding mechanical features. Air & temperature Controlled

  4. Environmental : - Films can be recycled.

  5. Saves Space : - On-demand system for minimal storage.

  6. Integrates : - User-friendly and compact device. Weight less than 2.5 kg, and fits in 2 ft x 2 ft space.

  7. Increase Branding : - Logo print available on film, build up your own logo.

As a leader in packaging, our range of packaging systems has been designed to ensure high levels of product protection through its transit and storage life cycle. Air cushion packaging system is designed to operate specifically with biodegradable and recycled films. Air pillows provide a dependable cushioning material for light to medium weight products. The lightweight feature of the air pillows lessens shipping costs and because the air cushions are formed on demand thus require negligible storage space. Our void fill machines are contrived to work for extended periods of time at high speeds and are amongst the most consistent in the industry. Air cushion packaging systems empower us to offer you a tailor-made solution to improve your packaging process. With the market, leading performance and a clear environmental benefit, we are helping companies to meet their packaging waste targets and reduce plastic pollution.