Flipkart Branded BOPP Tapes

Flipkart Branded BOPP Adhesive Tapes are specially made for e-commerce purpose as per the Flipkart standards. It’s a multipurpose tape with the following features:

» Used for medium and heavy duty sealing

» Strong adhesive in nature

» Sticks easily on the surfaces

» Withstand extreme temperatures

» Flipkart logo and other details mentioned

» 5 tapes in one sealed box

» Used to bundle things together

» Used as secondary packaging

» Increases compression power of the carton

Ship in 3 days. 

SKU Width (inch) Length (mtr) Size (mm) Price Per Piece (Excl. Of GST)
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5 and above

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Width (inch)
: 2.36
Length (mtr)
: 65
Size (mm)
: 59.94

Price Per Piece (EXcl. of Taxes)

5 and above
: 57.63

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    Q : Can branded packaging material be use for personal use?

    Ans : Branded packaging material can only be used for sending respective brand couriers only. Not for personal use!