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Have you faced customer complaints of empty mailbags? Or tampered envelopes on the receipt? With the increasing reliability of ordering online, increases the threats and cases of misplacing and theft of valuables.

However, it is very much difficult to detect any tampering in any normal packaging. Those who daily deal with packaging and are experts in packaging can easily tamper, without leaving behind any trace of doubt behind.

Fortunately, this can be rectified as well as prevented with evidence packaging material which clearly shows if anyone even tries to tamper.

Tamper Proof Security Envelopes- void security bags

Tamper-proof packaging products are manufactured in such a way that it provides overall security and complete safeguard to the valuables inside. Here are some interesting facts and features of our evidence packaging products:

#1 – Tamper Evident Seal

The most important feature that a tamper-proof envelope must have is the “void” tamper evident seal. Once the envelopes have been sealed, any effort or act to open the envelope will show that the envelope has been tampered or someone or has tried to open it.

#2 – Bar Code and Sequential Numbering

The second most important feature is barcode tag and sequential serial numbering on the envelope. This helps in tracking the envelope while it is in shipping. It’s in addition with the shipping barcode which is provided by courier companies. These barcodes are generally present twice. One is available on the envelope and the other on a writable removable receipt. In the event that the barcode number and consecutive number don’t match, they are not accepted by the receiver and reported as a breach of the envelope.

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#3 – Tear-off Receipts

The tear-off receipt has a record of the documents in the envelopes, the copies and the parties involved in the documents. Tamper evident envelopes with secret documents and other valuable documents usually have tear-off receipts with them. Usually, a number of documents and pages of documents shipped are also mentioned on the slip.

#4 – Only One Place To Open

Once the envelope is seal packed, there is only one spot from where the envelope is to be opened for e.g. at the bottom of the envelope there should be a place, highlighted by a spotted line saying ‘cut here” with a symbol of scissor. Opening the envelope from anywhere else may be mixed up for altering and one must be accounted for the tempering of the same.

#5 – Tamper Evident Graphics

Tamper evident envelope has tamper-proof design graphics on the front, the back and on the sides. A unique sort of image combination of its brand images and logos, for example, grid or line images. So that if there is a cut or anyone try to stretch or heat, the bag the lines won’t align. The graphics guarantee that the envelope has not tampered from home to destination.

Above mentioned tamper proof envelopes are extensively used in the market. Packing Supply brings evidence packaging products with different features and properties, available in wide range of sizes.  So what you waiting for, go ahead and order online at PackingSupply.in!


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