How to Select Perfect Packaging Material ?

Whenever you receive an order, you have an excitement of fulfilling that order properly and on time. At the same time, you have to face safe and secure packaging nightmares. It is very much necessary for the valuables ordered by the customer to reach on time, without any breakage and tamper proof.

Here comes the question as on how to select perfect packaging material for your product?

We here at Packing Supply understand the difficulties you face and help you providing an apt packaging for your product. To select a perfect mailing bag, follow some simple steps mentioned below:

  1. Dig Deep Into Your Requirement: Firstly, it is very much important to analyze the products you have to ship. Check whether the items are fragile or semi-fragile or some sensitive legal documents.
  1. Anti-static Packaging: Certain items like electronic gadgets need to be stored with utmost care. To store and transit electronic items it is required to store in anti-static bags.
  1. Use of POD Jacket: The Place of Delivery(POD) jacket is an extra space or jacket provided on either side of the bag to insert bills and invoices.
  1. Cushioning Required: When semi-fragile or fragile articles are to be shipped. It is advisory to wrap it with bubble sheet. Adding cushioning to the package increases the cost and also adds weight to the mailing bag. If required, multiple layers of bubble wrap can be provided for extra cushioning.
  1. Seam Strength: For many products like apparels and documents may take up some more extra space than estimated. For such products, it is advisable to store in high strength packaging materials. Plastic packaging materials like poly envelopes and bags have high seam strength which is best suited for such products.

textile packaging material online

We provide a wide range of packaging materials as per your requirements. Packing Supply brings various poly envelopes with different features and properties, available in wide range of sizes.  So what you waiting for, go ahead and order online at

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