Implement These 6 Strategies to Reduce Your Packaging and Shipping Costs

If fulfilling your online orders is a costly affair because of the cost associated with shipping and packaging, then you need to develop cost-effective strategies to not let packaging and shipping eat into your profit margins. However, figuring out e-commerce packaging and shipping strategies that cut into your margins as little as possible without affecting the quality of packaging can be quite challenging. If you’re an e-commerce retailer who is struggling to cut costs of order fulfilment, these 6 strategies can help.

  1. Buy Packaging Materials in Bulk at Wholesale Rates
    The primary benefit of buying packaging materials in bulk is that you save on costs. The cost you pay in terms of cost per unit is comparatively less. The strategy once implemented may only make a marginal difference in the beginning but will actually be profitable in the long run. If you buy packaging materials from a wholesaler, you may get a hefty discount on bulk orders.
  2. Use Eco-Friendly Packaging
    Eco-friendly packaging is a smart way to reduce costs and also help the environment. The materials are lightweight, recyclable and are made from lighter material that is strong too. Additionally, consumers of today prefer to buy products from companies that are involved in contributing towards a sustainable environment. So, using eco-friendly packaging is a win-win situation for both, your customers and you.
  3. Use Appropriately Sized Packaging
    If you are not packing the products according to their size, then you are just wasting your money. For e.g. using a large box for a small product means you need to fill the box with more cushioning. Your shipment gets heavy too, thus adding to unnecessary costs. And using a box too small also adds to the cost. If product packaging is not done right, you risk the safety of the product and the cost of processing a return request could be higher.
  4. Print your Own Shipping Labels
    Why get your postage and shipping labels done from a supplier when you can get it done cheaper from your home or office computer? If that’s not an option, you could use readymade templates from online resources. If you churn out a lot of orders day in and out, buying a printing machine that print labels and shipping forms makes sense.
  5. Recycle Packaging Materials Whenever Possible
    Instead of throwing away the packages you receive, you can use them for your order fulfilments. However, don’t recycle packages if they are dirty or have another brand’s logo.
  6. Standardize the Packaging Process
    Have a packaging protocol. Standardize the process of shipping for products that are fast-selling. Having a standardized process that defines what box to use, what type and how much of packaging supplies to use, etc. can help in reducing the costs and speeding up the process.

The Final Words
Cost-savvy packaging and well-organized shipping can help you make more profit and grow your sales. The strategies mentioned above can help. However, it is essential that you revisit your packaging strategies often because what may work for you today might not work for you tomorrow.

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