6 Reasons Why Standup Pouches are Here to Stay

Today’s consumers are health-conscious and prefer to snack on-the-go. That means they are looking for ways to carry healthy snacks that can be properly packed and resealed to lock in the freshness. Healthy snacking and snacking while on-the-go have become so popular that many big companies have seen this trend as an opportunity to attract consumers. Standup pouches have since then emerged as a popular choice and have been one of the fastest growing flexible packaging formats for snack products. These standup pouches increase the freshness of the snack, are convenient and do good for brand awareness of the company.

6 Reasons Why Standup Pouches are an Ideal Choice for Snack Foods

  1. Locks in Freshness, Increases Shelf Life

Stand-up pouches for snacks increase the shelf life of dry snack products. The high-barrier materials and re sealable closures used on this snack packing bags prevent punctures, odor, and moisture. That means the food stays fresher for a longer time.

  1. Provides Snack Anywhere Convenience and Portability

Today’s consumers are always on-the-go and they like to take with them easy to carry lightweight snack package. A compact, re sealable, small, user-friendly, convenient, portable packaging options are a hit with busy people as they go about their busy lives. Stand-up pouches are excellent snack storing option in houses with minimal storage space. Consumers get the benefit of snacking on the road, at the office, at home or anywhere in between from their standup pouches as they offer convenient transportation, storage and consumption.

  1. Go Green – Reseal, Reuse and Reduce Waste

People can open the standup pouch, consume the snacks, reseal the pouch and reuse it. The benefit of standup pouches is that they help reduce waste as they can be reused.

  1. Try-Me Sizes and Trial Packs for the Curious Consumers

Today’s consumers are open to change and are eager to try the next best thing. Many companies have realized this urge in people and have come up with try-me sizes standup pouches to help them satisfy their curiosity without pinching their wallet.

  1. Strong Appeal, Better Brand Awareness, Increased Sales

The first thing people notice about the food product is the package it comes in. Companies have started paying more attention on how their food package looks and what value it gives to the consumers. The standup pouches are therefore made attractive enough to easily entice the consumers. They act as an excellent brand ambassador as they sit upright, unassisted on the consumer’s shelf. They are indeed a breath of fresh air, thus giving a competitive edge to many CPG companies.

  1. Enhance Consumer Experience with Flexible Packaging and Re sealable Options

The closure system of the standup pouches is innovative with easy to close zippers or sliders. That adds value, convenience and freshness to the food products.

These food packaging bags have gained immense popularity and are acting as an effective marketing tool to create a recognizable brand and enhance its brand awareness. It’s the right time to explore this opportunity and gain a competitive advantage. Standup pouches are here to stay and it’s time to make consumers happy by giving them excellent flexible packaging option.

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