Attention! Flipkart may Charge Stern Penalties.

With continuing growth of e-commerce in India, from receiving an order to its fulfilment, it is very important to keep customers happy and satisfied. Initially, e-commerce growth had many hurdles to pass like offering wide product range, then it came to providing the best of the products with excellent services like shipping and delivery options. Now the eyes have turned towards the packaging of the products.

With growing awareness and trust on e-commerce portals, customers not only want best products and services but the packaging of the product also affects on customer retention and reordering from the same portal.

Study says that Consumers share unboxing experiences online.

Thirty-nine percent of online shoppers shared product image or video on social platforms, and almost a quarter of customers who haven’t shared a product image would be more likely to do so as a result of pretty packaging.

Similarly, Flipkart has also now made it mandatory for its users to use Flipkart Branded Packaging material to fulfil their orders.

These mandatory steps are taken to reduce return orders, boost customer brand perception, impression, and assurance.

Flipkart Branded Packaging material is available online with a range of packaging products like:

  1. Flipkart Branded Courier Bags which are of following types:
    a. Flipkart Security Courier Bags,
    b. Flipkart Bubble Security Courier Bags
    c. Flipkart Sequential Barcode Courier Bags
  2. Flipkart Branded Corrugated Boxes
  3. Flipkart BOPP Tapes
  4. Opaque Packing list Envelopes

The above-mentioned packaging products are available in various sizes and packs with easy and secure payment options and at door delivery.

Furthermore, to create more awareness and emphasizing on the product packaging, Flipkart has made it necessary for the sellers to input correct packaging dimensions for all their listings through My Listings Page.

The above rules are mandatory for all the Flipkart sellers. To help with these rules we provide you Flipkart branded packaging material, all in one place with latest design and premium quality. Furthermore, see how to check the package dimensions of your product.

How To Measure Package Dimensions

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