How To Pack For eCommerce?


e-Commerce Packaging

e-Commerce Packaging

You attract your customers and provide the best experience through your website, images, social media pages, newsletters, promotions and ads, offers and discounts, and many more. With your dedicated efforts, you are able to build a trust of the customer which make them believe you and buy products from you. Once a customer orders your product online, he has complete trust on your brand and now he is eagerly waiting for the doorbell to ring and receive his desired product. On receiving his expectations rise even more, this is where we need to take care of.

Now when the product leaves your hand to be shipped to the customer, you give your brand to a stranger’s hand. This is where you need to take care even more. Here are a few things you must keep in mind while delivering your products because you don’t only deliver the products but your company’ brand and trust built on your brand.

E-commerce Packaging Materials

Let’s look into each in detail:

#1 – Packaging and Marketing

A customer expects his product to be beautifully wrapped and received without any tamper. To give this complete satisfaction to the customer following can be used for that perfect packaging as well as proper branding.

  • Use branded boxes or cartons of optimal size. The logo and name of your brand on the box will be visually more appealing to the customer as well as it is the best practice to do marketing of your brand even on the boxes and not only online.
  • Don’t just close the flap of the box or carton provide more protection by sealing the box with BOPP tapes. Here, again you can use branded BOPP tapes with your contact details and website.
  • Many of us have a habit of writing the mailing details on the box/carton, this can be replaced by attaching a document pouch on the box. Document pouch can be used to attach the printed shipping details.
  • Lastly, wrap the entire carton/box with plastic covering sheet to provide climatic resistance.
  • While transiting semi- fragile valuables, it’s advisable to wrap the products in bubble wrap to avoid any damage.

#2 – Shipping options and details

  • Keep it light and compact

The courier companies’ charges are based upon the size and weight; thus it is preferred to pack in small optimal boxes that are light in weight. This helps in enhancing your profit margins.

  • Provide free shipping options.

The most popular way to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Always offer some kind of free shipping offers on or above a particular limit. This way customers will buy a minimum amount of products to avail the free shipping option.

  • Provide customer with shipping tracking ID to track the shipping status of his product and probable date and time of shipment.

These are a few ways by which you can overcome the e-commerce packaging problems and deal with the shipping of products, creating proper brand image and building healthy customer relations.

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