Launch of Flipkart Brown Corrugated Boxes

Soon after achieving the goal of manufacturing Flipkart packaging products by Dynaflex Pvt.Ltd. during Big Billion Sale, the authorities were flooded with inquiries of corrugated boxes. This is when they decided to begin manufacturing of corrugated boxes and now it is available just a click away., a venture by Dynaflex Pvt Ltd is a one-stop-shop (web-portal) for all your packaging needs.

India’s premier online portal announced the release of Flipkart Branded Brown Corrugated Boxes and within 24 hours it received its first order. This trend shows there is a huge demand existing for corrugated boxes in the market.

Now you all must be wondering onto why corrugated boxes are so much in demand? Let’s dig in deeper and find some interesting facts about corrugated boxes followed by the high demand.

The term ‘corrugated’ means “pleated”. The corrugated cardboard comprises of a wavy layer of flutes termed as the corrugated medium. These flutes are then adhered to flat sheets called liners. It will be knowledgeably interesting for you to know that more the number of flutes, the more strength it gives to the corrugated box.

Corrugated medium

Flutes can be considered as heart of the corrugated box as it provides cushioning to the packaging material, thus providing safety from outside pressure, jerks, vibrations, mechanical shocks and more. This makes corrugated box highly useful for packaging fragile valuables such as electronic items, glassware, fragile furniture and more.

Being flutes as medium and airspace in between makes the box light in weight hence it becomes hassle-free to manage. This eliminates a need of skilled labour thus decreasing the overall cost. Moreover, the flat sheet liners making the surface easy for printing.

Here are some more interesting facts and benefits that makes corrugated box ideal for packaging:

  • Cost-effective
  • Hassle-free management
  • High dimensional stability
  • Diverse size selection options
  • Excellent load bearing capacity
  • Easy to seal and printable surface
  • Cushioning due to corrugated medium ensures safety for fragile items

Moreover, the global concern towards environment makes corrugated boxes even more feasible because it is made up from fibrous pulp derived from pine tree extract. Thus making it eco-friendly with 100% percent recyclable property.

Flipkart Brown Corrugated Boxes

With three decades of experience in the packaging field, we at Dynaflex are committed to delivering the best products at economical prices, so looking into the past inquiries and demand, we at packing supply are proud to introduce our new offering the “Flipkart Brown Corrugated Boxes” designed strictly as per Flipkart standards exclusively for Flipkart sellers. So what you waiting for when you getting the best quality at reasonable prices delivered straight to your home, you can’t ask for more than this, just go ahead and order today from

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