8 Industries Where Corrugated Boxes are Used as Packaging Material

Corrugated boxes are renowned for their structural rigidity as well as the cushioning they offer, making them ideal for packaging fragile articles. Corrugated packaging offers unmatched advantages when compared to other types of packaging as you can have custom corrugated boxes made according to your personal business needs.
Corrugated boxes are the most suited for packing a wide variety of products regardless of their size and shape. They are versatile enough to transport and cushion perishable and fragile products. Corrugated boxes are made of kraft paper and can be re-used, re-pulped and remade into recyclable attributes which contribute to environmental protection.

1. Food
A research conducted by The University of Bologna discovered that corrugated packaging supports food safety and prevent bacterial infections. The research further discovered that corrugated containers were most effective at keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. Other than the freshness factor, corrugated containers were also found to be able to prevent the spread of bacteria which get trapped in the fibers of the corrugated containers.

2. Office Supply/Stationery
Corrugated boxes are used to package office supplies and stationery. You can simply pack all kinds of office supplies in corrugated boxes without any fear of them getting damaged.

3. Industrial Supply and Logistics
Corrugated packaging is said to be one of the best things to have happened to the packaging industry due to various advantages of corrugated boxes. They can be used to transport industrial products with ease due to the fact that all you have to do is pack your products into corrugated boxes which are easily available on the market.

4. Textiles
Corrugated boxes are available in different sizes and designs and are ideal for transporting all kinds of products- even textiles.

5. Electronic Products

Electronic items are usually quite fragile which makes it all the more important for them to be packaged in a way that will protect them against any shocks that they’re bound to experience while in transit. Delicate electronic devices should all be packed in boxes that are of superlative quality.

6. E-commerce
Presentation is of utmost importance in the e-commerce industry. Corrugates boxes used in the e-commerce industry can be customized with unique design, style and brand quirkiness which will help you increase and improve your marketing and branding through your packaging.

7. Healthcare
Packaging medication in corrugated boxes is a good way to ensure that your medicines reach its destination safely and at the right temperature which the box can naturally maintain. When it comes to transporting lots of tiny and valuable goods from one place to another then the corrugated boxes are the best option. These boxes can help you in transporting multiple goods at a single time without damaging the contents of the box.

8. Relocation

If you are moving and are thinking of hiring a movers and packers company to help you then it is best that you ensure that they use corrugated boxes for shifting your belongings. The best thing about using corrugated boxes is that they do not break under the weight ensuring that your belongings remain undamaged, thus making your shifting process much faster.

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