What Are The Pros & Cons of Using Opaque Poly Envelopes?

When it comes to plastic envelopes, most people opt for the opaque varieties. Whether it is for personal use or a commercial one, opaque poly pouches or envelopes are a safer choice. This way, the contents to be sent in those envelopes stays secure. Legal documents, bank letters, or even official documents need to reach the end user or client safely. If they are secured in transparent envelopes, the content or items inside the poly pouches & mailers are visible which may increase the risk of tampering. Using tamper proof envelopes that are opaque is an ideal choice.

If you have valuable items to be shipped, opaque envelopes should be your top choice. However, if you need envelopes to just store multiple documents and refer to them later, opaque poly envelopes may pose a little problem as you need to open every package and check for the items inside.

We at packingsupply.in provide opaque envelopes in many varieties and styles. Depending on the features there are courier envelopes, bubble envelopes, woven lined envelopes, plastic covers, transparent envelopes, single side transparent envelopes, gold loan envelopes and many other varieties. You can even get your opaque envelopes screen printed or customized.

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