Which Type of Tamper Evident Bags & Security Envelopes are Suitable for Carrying Confidential Documents?

People sending their valuables are often worried until the recipient receives it in the same condition as when packed. Confidential documents must always be mailed using tamper evident security bags. When choosing the right type of security poly bags & envelopes for carrying confidential documents, you must consider the following features:

Secure Shipping Mailers

  • Made From 75 Micron LDPE films
  • Transparent POD jacket on the back side of the bag
  • Opaque material of the bag
  • Tamper evident closure
  • Security edges that are printed
  • Serial Number for Record Keeping/Storing
  • Sequential Barcoding
  • Peel & Seal adhesive liner
  • Water/moisture Resistant
  • Durable
  • High Seam Strength
  • Easy to write on with a permanent marker
  • Recyclable & Easy to Use
  • Available in wide range of sizes
  • Not opened easily

PackingSupply.in has designed high-quality tamper proof security bags & envelopes for courier companies and postal transport services. These tamper evident security pouches are favored for their economical and confidential shipping of various products. The security poly bags & envelopes are an in-line, VOID tape closure for tamper evidence, manufactured to withstand abusive handling or extreme temperatures. You can order them even with custom printing on. We provide tamper-proof packaging bag solutions for many applications in retail, financial, e-commerce, education, medical, health-care and pharmaceutical.

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