Which Kind of Cardboard Shipping Cartons & Packaging Boxes Should I Use To Ship Glass Items?

Cardboard Shipping Cartons & Packaging Boxes

Both single and double wall cardboard shipping cartons can be used for packing and shipping glass items. Most products undergo a perilous journey before they reach the customer. Since glass items need extra care, double walled corrugated packaging boxes are recommended for shipping them.

However, if you are shipping light glass items you can ship them in single wall corrugated cartons too. For heavy items, double wall cardboard boxes are an ideal option.

Bubble Wrap Rolls Online

Here’s how you can pack glass items to protect them from damage during shipping:

Step 1: Wrap the product in multiple layers of Bubble Wrap rolls or bubble bags and envelopes. In case of multiple products wrap each of the products in multiple layers of bubble wrap or use bubble courier bags.

Step 2: Place the product inside the plain carton and close the flaps by application of Fragile tape.

Step 3: Paste the shipping label on the carton

Step 4: Put the invoice in the poly pouch.

Step 5: Wrap the box with stretch film to keep it safe from climatic changes or place in it tamper proof mailing bags or bubble padded envelopes to provide safety from climatic variations and theft.

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