5 Poppin’ Facts About Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap a packaging tool like no other. Since 1960, bubble wrap has been the only packaging material that has brought more joy to the customers while protecting their fragile goods. It’s so popular that it is of no wonder that the last Monday of January is dedicated to bubble wrap and is known as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.


Bubble Wrap

Everyone knows how good bubble wrap is as a packaging material and how enjoyable it is to pop the bubbles, but what many people don’t know are these facts.

1. It’s a great sleeping mat while camping.

If you don’t want to carry a sleeping bag while camping, a 2m roll of bubble wrap works good as well. Just fold it into half with bubble side up, tape the edges and slip in the cosy makeshift bed for a good night’s rest.

2. It’s an excellent cushioning material to protect valuable things.

The primary role of bubble wrap is to provide padding for objects to be shipped. It can be used to loosely pad the corners of the boxes or provide a cushion between loose objects. We all know that bubble wraps are excellent in protecting fragile items, but what you probably don’t know is that they are excellent in protecting premature babies as well. They work well to retain body heat in premature babies.

3. It’s great insulation on your windows.

A bubble wrap sheet cut to the size of your window, then pasted on the window that is sprayed with water, bubble side up, provides instant insulation from heat in summer and cold in winters.

4. It’s therapeutic.

Bubble wrap is therapeutic or so most people claim. Popping the bubbles is a satisfying experience. Research claims that a minute of popping bubbles is equivalent to getting a 30 minute massage. Popping bubble wrap is known to make people alert and calmer. It is found to be an effective way to release muscle tension due to stress. And we thought, popping them is just fun. It’s a lot more. Now we know.

5. It’s a product of a failed attempt to make a wallpaper.

Way back in 1957, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes tried to make a 3D plastic wallpaper by sticking two shower curtains. The experiment failed but a wonder material was born – bubble wrap. It took a while for bubble wrap to figure out its true calling. IBM was its first customer.

Using bubble wrap is one of the best packaging fragile items tips for movers. It ensures that the product reaches its destination undamaged. Whether you are packing or just popping, there is nothing like the versatile bubble wrap.

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