A Simple Guide to Beautiful Wedding Welcome Bags

People travel from near and far to be part of your big day. It’s not possible for you to be there to greet all your guests upon their arrival. A welcome wedding bag packed with goodies can do the job for you. It is a simple gesture that says “Welcome, we are glad you’re here!”


Wedding Welcome Bags  

Your wedding welcome bag needs to have goodies that your guests will love. It’s a perfect way to say a perfect little thank you to them for being there for you. So, what to put in the wedding bag to make it perfect. Let’s find out.

What a Perfect Wedding Welcome Bag Contains: 11 Things to Put in Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Although there are countless options, here’s a list of some popular options to get you started. Obviously, you don’t need to put all of them in the welcome wedding gift bag, pick and choose from the following:

  1. Water – It’s an essential addition to the welcome bag. You can customize the label to earn some bonus points.

  2. Fresh fruits – There is a lot going on during a wedding that can leave your guests dehydrated. Fresh fruits in the wedding welcome bag are great for instant hydration.

  3. Sweet or savoury snacks – The goodie bag cannot be complete without a sweet or savoury snack. Eatables like popcorn, cookies, crisps or candy bags are perfect.

  4. Mints – Your guests can just pop in their mouth whenever they want to keep their breath fresh.

  5. Miniature alcohol or champagne bottles – They make a pretty addition to the bag.

  6. A leaflet carrying information on the places of interest around the wedding location – Your guests in their free time can do some sightseeing.

  7. Map of the area – So that they don’t get lost while they are sightseeing.

  8. Your wedding weekend itinerary – Your custom wedding schedule needs to be there in the bag.

  9. A postcard or souvenir in the bag – for that lovely touch.

  10. Weather essentials are essential – Depending on the weather of the wedding location, pack sunscreen sachets, bug spray, umbrellas for summer weddings and hand-gloves, ponchos for winter weddings

  11. A thank you – A few thoughts on how happy you are to know that they are here. A handwritten note works even better.

5 Tips For Making Wedding Welcome Bags A Success

  1. Hold the wedding planning team or your family members responsible to pack and distribute the wedding welcome bags to the guests when they arrive.

  2. Make sure you consider the type of guests that would be attending your wedding, especially when the welcome bag contains booze, which may be not the right kind of a gift for kids and older guests.

  3. You don’t need to fill the whole welcome bags with goodies. You would not want your guests to return home with a bunch of extra stuff. Wedding welcome favor bags filled with food items are the best. Your guests are likely to polish them in between wedding events.

  4. Although tote bags are perfect as welcome wedding bags, you can get creative and try other alternatives like boxes or baskets.

  5. A little personal touch goes a long way in making a huge difference. You can add custom tags with your and your partner’s name on them. A monogram or a handwritten thank you notes are the best.

If you are hosting a destination wedding or are expecting a lot of out-of-town guests, wedding welcome bags add a nice, comforting touch. The bottom line is that wedding gift bags are sure to create an impression that lasts long even after the occasion.

You can get your welcome bags customized as per your wedding theme. Check your options in wedding welcome bags at Packing Supply now!

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