7 Packaging Tips for Business Start Ups

Packaging Tips & Ideas for Business Startups

A new business is faced with a multitude of challenges. To venture into the market and make a mark, it not only has to offer quality products and services but also has to create a distinct brand which paves the way for profitable outcomes.

With new entrepreneurs and businesses on an all-time high, it becomes pivotal to know what aspects one needs to take into consideration which can set the business apart with the target audience. It is interesting to know that according to a recent study by Nasscom with over $ 5 billion worth of investment in 2015 and 3 to 4 start-ups emerging every day, it is projected that the number of startups in India itself will increase to more than 11,500 by 2020. Going by these statistics, it is evident that there is a steep rise in the emergence of new entrepreneurs who are looking forward to profitable business opportunities. Hence, it would be contextual to discuss as to what can set these new businesses apart from the rest of the crowd.

It would not be an exaggeration if one goes on to say that good packaging is the first step to establishing a brand image. For business start-ups, it is of all the more relevant as brand perception is the way to making their presence felt.

So, let us enumerate the key elements which these start-ups should keep in mind when it comes to packaging.

7 Brilliant Tips for Packaging Business Start Ups

1. Consider Multiple Packaging Options

In accordance with your products, assess your packaging requirements. Indulge into a thorough research spree to get an insight into what kind of packaging would best suit your products. If you spend adequate time in researching about the various packaging options, you are bound to have happy customers, fewer chances of your goods being damaged as well as a unique and memorable packaging experience for your customers.

2. Cost Effective Packaging Solutions

When you are a startup, you cannot get carried away when it comes to packaging designs. Of course, you ought to have packaging that is distinct and visually appealing, still being a new player you cannot afford to spend extravagantly on packaging alone. Consider how you would want to be perceived as a brand and in turn opt for packaging that serves your purpose but at the same time does not leave a dent in your pocket. Bulk options and online stores are usually cost-effective alternatives which can be tried by business startups.

3. Pack Small

Judicious packaging is the key when it comes to saving packaging costs. For a business start-up, crisp and light packaging ensures cutting down on unnecessary expenses. But, one should keep in mind the dimensional weight/volumetric weight of the package as it is not mandatory that a lightweight package will cost less.

4. Inventory Management

For business startups, inventory management is crucial. At times, stocking large quantities of boxes can lead to slashing down the costs incurred. You need to analyze stocking options in concurrence with your business requirements. If managed properly inventory management can be a game changer and lead to cost effective benefits for start-ups.

5. Create Purposeful Packaging

For startups who are looking to create a brand perception in the minds of the customers, the purposeful packaging is certainly the way to achieve it. Since you are a newbie in the market, you should package your product in such a way so that relevant information about the brand is conveyed. Company logo and ethos should be presented in a lucid and gripping fashion on your packaged product so that in the long run customers can identify with your product and brand.

6. Go Green

More and more companies are resorting to using sustainable packaging materials. Environmental friendly packaging is here and is here to stay. If you are a small & medium business start-up then you need to keep pace with the new trends in packaging and also exhibit that you adhere to certain values and is a brand that is morally responsible.

7. Stand Out

Even if you are a small start-up firm with a limited budget, still there are unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating a distinct packaging experience. It is all the more vital for a start-up as it has to make its presence felt and packaging is the first step to do so. So, experiment endlessly when it comes to packaging your product.

Thus, it is but apparent that packaging is a key function when you are a new venture looking to foray into the market. An attractive, sturdy and user-friendly packaging can go a long way and help transition your start-up into an established and profitable brand.

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