8 Properties of Security Bags & Envelopes To Consider Before Buying It!

By definition, a security bag is a heavy duty bag used to contain high-value products or important documents or legally sensitive items. Tamper evident security bags are designed to build up the confidence in the customer to send their confidential documents or items. If you are in the pharmaceutical, education or legal business, using security packaging is a must. Creating brand identity is necessary but maintaining the brand longevity is also important. If you are in a business that involves handling sensitive documents or material that needs to be shipped to your customers or clients, then using tamper evident courier bags, security envelopes and other security packaging are crucial.

Are you using security mailing bags already? Do your poly mailings bags fulfill the criteria for the perfect security mailing bags? Are you investing your money in security tapes instead of security bags & envelopes? There should be many more questions like these and more on your mind so that you can invest in the right product.

Features of Security Bags and Envelopes

Here are some features you must consider while choosing security packaging:

  1. Your security mailing bag should be made of 75 micron thickness and above. The everyday plastic courier bags or poly envelopes are of 50 or 60 micron thickness. Your security bag needs to be thicker than it.
  2. All security mailing bags and envelopes must be opaque so that they do not allow any light to reflect through it. This feature ensures that the documents or contents of the pack are not visible even if one attempts to. Using black plastic courier bags is an even better choice.
  3. The material used in the manufacture of these bags must be moisture and tear resistant. Due to its stretch elasticity, any kind of tampering if tried, can be easily identified.
  4. There are many different styles of closure options available in tamper proof bags. You can choose from lip to lip closure, twin side seal, side closure bags or peel and seal adhesive closure. Each of these is designed so as make any kind of tampering evident. The “VOID” mark appears as soon as the seal is fiddled or interfered with.
  5. The tamper proof security bag must have sequential barcoding features and/or a serial numbering feature for easy identification of the valuables being shipped. These serial numbers can be used by both the sender and receiver. The serial number ensures that the receiver accepts exactly the same product/package that was sent.
  6. There is a lot of debate over using security tapes on regular plastic envelopes or poly courier bags instead of security mailing bags. However, if you compare the costs, you will realize that you can receive good quality security courier bags with security tapes at almost the same rates as that of only the tapes. Hence, investing in a tamper-evident mailing bag is a wiser decision for your business.
  7. Since not all customers are familiar with the use of security mailing bags, the one you choose must have “How to use” instructions printed on it. This avoids damage to the envelopes and bags during unpacking.
  8. Some other features would include a writable surface, easy availability and different sizes of tamper evident envelopes and courier bags.

Once your packaging material passes this checklist you can easily use it for security mailing. You can contact us here for more details about security packaging materials & products.

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