Reduce Packaging Costs With 7 Inexpensive Ideas & Tips

Even a few bucks saved go a long way in the eventual success of small businesses or start-ups. Procurement, marketing, shipping, packaging are all inevitable costs. However, if you can cut costs on any or all of these through smart and innovative ways, then this can certainly propel your business to greater heights.

Over the years, packaging has become one of the quintessential gamuts of e-commerce businesses. You cannot create an impression on your customers unless you package your product correctly. Period. However, it is also one of the areas where you can save costs big time. All you need is some smart moves.

Inexpensive Product Packaging Ideas & Tips

Save Huge With Product Packaging Tips

1. Firstly just get rid of all the myths associated with packaging. If bulk buying is what is being suggested to you by your peers, re-consider it. What is the point of buying similar size boxes to ship a needle, a t-shirt and a torch? Is the standard packaging making your customer feel any better? Isn’t it a waste of time, energy and money to pack a tiny needle or a pen in medium sized box meant for a torch?

2. Bulk orders will save you costs if your product range is similar.

3. Branded packaging is the in thing. However, if it doesn’t fit in your packaging budget, opt for branded BOPP tapes or branded courier bags. You can use poly mailer bags and customize them with your logo. These prove to be cheaper than branded corrugated boxes.

4. Opt for lightweight packaging material. This will save shipping costs and thus the overall expense of packaging. Poly envelopes, courier bags or plastic covers are cheap, lightweight and moisture and tear resistant.

5. If you are shipping fragile material, you will need to use fillers in the corrugated boxes to keep your product secure and in place. Switch from extra bubble wraps, thermocol inserts or air cushion filling systems to wood shavings or coloured tissues. Avoid newspaper stuffing no matter how cheap it is. It will demean your brand.

6. Another easy and economical way to create brand identity at really low prices is to use labels or tags. You can insert well-designed labels with personalized messages in POD jackets that are attached with poly courier bags or use tags along with the products.

7. Before you think out of the box, get rid of the box. Cardboard boxes not only add bulk but are expensive than other packaging material. You can use corrugated sheets to wrap items like DVDs, pen drives or small cosmetics and then ship them in poly mailing bags or bubble courier bags.

With these few ideas, e-commerce businesses can reduce their packaging costs marginally and thus profit in the long run. Feel free to contact us here to buy quality packaging materials for your leading e-commerce business.

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