What Are The Different Types of Envelopes & Use For?

When it comes to envelopes, the list is endless. You can choose from a range of courier envelopes, bubble envelopes, woven lined envelopes, transparent poly envelopes, single side transparent envelopes, gold loan envelopes and few more. Some of the commonly used different types of plastic envelopes & pouches and their uses are as follows:

Plain Plastic Paper Envelopes as well as Customized Polynet Paper Envelopes are Cloth-lined paper envelopes are screen printed and can also be customized into various colours. In addition, company logo and details can be added to give a unique brand image. These are primarily used for courier purpose.

Re-closable document pouch or re-closable packing list envelopes are made of extra strong adhesive which tightly binds to the packaging material like cartons, corrugated boxes and more. Made up of polyethylene these packing list envelopes provide protection against outside climate. These are also the tamper-proof types.

Tamper-proof security envelopes are the best option for shipping legal documents. Tamper evident security envelopes & pouches are designed in such a way that if anyone tries to open them, it will leave an irreversible mark “VOID”; which clearly depicts someone has tried to tamper with the contents. They are even serial numbered for record keeping.

Side Loading Packing List Envelopes for easy to recognize and insert waybill, consignment notes etc. They are strong, highly reliable and with a full adhesive back. You can even write on it easily with a ball pen.

Packingsupply.in brings to you an ultimate solution to get rid of this problem. We bring to you a variety of poly envelopes, pouches and shipping mailers to complete your packaging needs. Now you don’t have to insert the packing slip inside the carton box, or stick it outside with a worry of losing it. We offer you two types of packing list envelopes that are in apt for commercial as well as personal use.

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