What Is The Benefit of Shipping DVDs in Bubble Bags?

The biggest benefit of shipping DVDs in poly mailer bags is that you can save on shipping costs. Poly mailer bags take up very little space, are light weight and economically priced. Actually they are ideal for shipping apparel or other items that are not prone to damage or breakage.

If you plan to use poly courier bags for shipping, then you will need to wrap your DVD in corrugated paper or cardboard first to prevent any breakage during transit. Another option for poly mailer bags is bubble courier bags. These are same as regular mailer bags except that they have a bubble lining inside to safeguard the items placed in the bag. Bubble bags are available in tamper proof options for your confidential DVDs, they are light weight and they are tear resistant too.

So while there is a benefit in using poly mailer bags, bubble courier bags for DVDs prove to be more beneficial.

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